Quake 3 Deathmatch January 10

Our next action packed Hak5 deathmatch is Quake 3 Deathmatch! Kickin' it oldschool so find your install disc and get ready to frag in this classic FPS. We're gaming at on January 10. We'll be streaming the LAN Party action on our end live at


Half-Life 2 Deathmatch December 13

Thats right this weeks LAN Party game is none other than Half-Life 2 Deathmatch so join us for some wholesome chair throwing fun.

If you know of any custom maps that we just have to play be sure to hit us up.

Also there are two new features for this weeks match. First is a signup form that we'll be trying this out. We hope to use it for future games to organizing tournaments, reserves, and contests. And second, is the fragtastic giveaway.

The player with "best overall pwnage" will be rewarded with a 18" x 24" Aperture Science Propaganda Poster curtesy of the enrichment center.

And as always we'll be playing at The server is up now if you'd like to hop on and get some crowbar swingin' practice. We look forward to fragging you soon!


Looking for LAN Party moderators

We're in need of some LAN Party moderation volunteers. If you're interested in helping us manage the game servers or keeping the LAN Party blog up to date please shout out!


Unreal Tournament recap - Nov 29

The November 29 LAN Party of Unreal Tournament was a huge success. Unfortunately I got dominated by Zygote in 1v1. Even Paul scored higher than me in free for all. Still it was an awesome night so thanks to everyone who logged in for some frags. The server was busy all night and I had a ton of fun playing. I  still need to work on my shock rifle combo so we'll have to play some UT again sometime. Maybe UT3?

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