"Doom 2" Skulltag April 25

It’s time to return to hell and get some serious oldschool frags on.

You’ll need 2 files:

  • SkullTag version 97D3 (released on March 17, 2009) (Available for Windows and Linux)
  • Legit copy of Doom2.wad or other compatible open source iwad


    Unzip Skulltag, copy over your doom2.wad. Run skulltag.exe. Setup all your options. Remember to set your player options like name and skin under Multiplayer > Player Setup.

    Then quit out of all menus, hit ~ to pull down the console, and type “connect doom.hak5.org”

    The Hak.5 Doom2 server is not listed on the global directory, you must connect to it manually at doom.hak5.org

    If you have any custom wad files you'd like us to play hit us up!


  • Article originally appeared on hak5 (http://hak5lan.squarespace.com/).
    See website for complete article licensing information.