Left4Dead AND Zombie Panic NOW through Feb 28

February is the month of Zombies here at Hak5. We'll be getting our game on from now until the official show down on Saturday, February 28th.

We expect to start a Left4Dead campaign around 3:00 PM Eastern. Use the Tournament Signup form to enroll for this event and be sure to give us your Steam name so we can contact you. We'll randomly choose four players to hack and slash with in a Left4Dead campaign. Depending on how things go we may do multiple campaigns so more players can rotate in.

If the Left4Dead server is full and you still want to get your Zombie bashing fun in join the Zombie Panic Source server. We've been hearing good things about this free mod so give it a download.

The servers can be found at l4d.hak5.org and zp.hak5.org for Left4Dead and Zombie Panic Source respectively.

Overall best gamer for the party on Saturday, February 28th will be rewarded with a kickass Hak5 sticker pack including a cast signed stick of RAM. How Bad-ass!? So be sure to sign up so we can contact you if necessary.

And if you haven't already go ahead and join the Hak5 Steam Group. w00t.

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